Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you need extra storage and wonder if you need climate-controlled storage? 

Other than price, what are the differences between the types of units? 

How do you decide when it is worth the extra price for the advantages of a climate-controlled unit? 

What is climate-controlled storage?

  • Climate controlled units afford extra protection from flooding and water exposure caused by humidity, rain, and melted snow since they are typically indoors.
  • Climate controlled units tend to be cleaner because less dust and dirt get into the interior units compared to standard units.
  • Climate-controlled storage units should keep items in a constant environment (at an average of 72°).
  • Our storage units use indirect heating and cooling systems to maintain air temperature, not individual heaters or air conditioners.
  • Climate controlled units are protected from the elements.  They are usually located indoors so they are not affected by the effects of rain, snow, dirt and dust, pests or changes in temperatures or humidity.  Climate controlled units also protect your items from mold and mildew.


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