Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a storage unit from B&B Storage?

You can either rent a storage unit onsite at our convenient kiosk or on this website by going to the Rent Storage tab. There you can select the size of unit based on your needs and availability. We accept all major credit cards.

Once your credit/debit payment has been accepted, you can move in during business hours. 

If you ever have any questions, our dedicated onsite staff and manager will be available in the office during business hours. We also offer boxes, locks & moving supplies for your convenience.

It's as easy as  PICK  >  RENT  >  MOVE IN!

Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

The easy answer is if you are storing any items that you care deeply about that can be damaged in hot, cold, or humid environments, then yes. We will get to what exactly these items are in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about the extreme temperatures that our neck of the woods experiences every year. Here in East Tennessee, the summer high temperatures average around the low 90s and occasionally climb into the upper 90s. During the winter, it is not uncommon for the low temperatures to dip into the teens or lower. Since storage units are not insulated the same way homes are, you can imagine that a hot day can warm up your non-climate-controlled unit to over 100° – a nice temperature to affect your most delicate items! We can keep your unit at a steady 72 degrees year round!

What Items Should Go in My Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit?

You may think that you only have a couple items that need to be climate controlled, but most likely a lot of items in your normal storage unit could benefit from being in a more controlled environment. The decision to choose climate-controlled storage will depend on how valuable your items are – both monetarily and emotionally. Obviously, if you own a historic piano or a famous oil painting, storing those items properly will help them maintain value over time, especially if you are storing them for long periods. If you want to err on the side of caution, consider renting climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Is Your Facility Safe?

We are an indoor/outdoor self-storage facility. We are completely fenced-in, have well-lit units and aisles, a controlled electronic gate, and video surveillance recording at all times. We also have a friendly on-site manager during business hours who can assist you if needed. We simply want to be a better, more comfortable storage solution for people looking for short or long-term storage and do our best to keep our facilities clean and inviting.

Will I Be Locked into A Contract If I Use Your Self Storage Facilities?

We know that some people are looking for long-term storage and others are looking for short-term self-storage, so we do what we can to facilitate everyone. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly leases to ensure that you are never stuck in a year-long contract if you only need storage for six months. We also offer a convenient option to pay online so you never have to make unnecessary trips to the facility to drop off a check. You can check out our price of climate-controlled storage units here.

Call (865) 269-5555 or email us to find out more!